Platinum Collection Launch


Maestoso bags are small-scale masterpieces, born from the creative spirit of its designer, Claudia Tecuceanu. Her studies in architecture formed and shaped her vision about design and arts, and after finishing her degree in the summer of 2015, she founded her own brand of exclusive accessories: Maestoso • a brand with a minimalist sophistication approach.

Embedded in their minimalist design philosophy, it pursues a subtle approach to luxury with a passion for the understated chic. The sculptural design of each model, enriched by a profound love for details, using premium leathers and high-quality accessories, give life to special and distinguished products.

The FW 20/21 collection is imagined as a fusion of sharp lines inspired from architecture and contemporary silhouettes, creating timeless designs and formulating a fresh and forward-looking interpretation of luxury. Each design is defined by signature brass handles that evoke the sculptural and clean lines present in each of their creations and strongly embedded in the brands ideology.



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