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The concept behind the Maestoso brand is a fusion of rigorous geometric design inspired from architecture and the timeless elegance of minimalist style. To emphasize the mastery of execution and innovative design, the brand name was inspired by the manner of execution of a musical passage, in a solemn and majestically way.

The architectural design of each model, the outstanding details, using natural leather and high quality accessories, and the remarkable execution, give life to special and distinguished products.

Geanta Maestoso 2



Claudia Tecuceanu

„For an architect, the imagination fast becomes an instrument of creation and non-conformism, and the idea of me relating to the human body proportions attracted me very much.” 



Maestoso bags are small-scale masterpieces, born from the creative spirit of an young designer and manufactured in our own workshop by artisans with experience of three generations in the leather goods.

Despite the simplicity of forms, creating each bag requires many hours of work that are split over several different stages. The first step involves cutting and finishing the natural leather, which is then painted by hand, this being followed by assembly stage, a process that requires extreme precision.

Maestoso bags are made of natural leather that come exclusively from Italian tanneries, being cut, prepared, sewed and assembled by hand.

Geanta Maestoso 1

The iconic metal accessories of the brand are inspired by structured and rigorous architectural shapes and are especially handmade for Maestoso brand. These perfectly summarize the mix between old and new, fitted in a contemporary line.

Maestoso’s products defining features are innovative and unmistakable design, exceptional quality and great attention to details.

Genti Maestoso 2

Genti Maestoso

Genti Maestoso 1