We exclusively source the finest quality Italian leathers and European textiles to produce timeless products, designed to last. We searched high and low to find the right tanneries and establish close partnerships with prestigious family-run companies with many years of experience in this field. Each of our tanneries are in compliance to European directives in regards to health and safety at work, tannins and chemicals.

It is an honor for us to work with such dedicated and experienced partners who share the same values as us.





The first of our two Italian tanneries is located in Milan and has been specializing in the creation of textured leathers since 1898. The flagship products of the company are embossed leathers such as the famous Palmellato texture. Due to the special wax treatment of this leather, the products achieve a great level of durability and stain resistance.

With its attention to production processes and awareness of trends in the fashion world, the tannery embodies the “Made in Italy” philosophy.





Our second tannery is located near Florence, in among the most renown area for its leather manufacturers in Italy, Santa Croce sull’Arno. Since 1967 the company has been specializing in the creation and development of exotic textured leathers, such us our coveted croc-embossed leather. Due to the special wax treatment of this tactile croc-effect gorgeous leather, the bag achieves a great level of durability and a luxurious touch.

The tannery does not only focus on the product but also on the production, in an attempt to ease its environmental impact by boosting numerous technological advances in their tanning processes.