What an incredibly elaborate and intricate process is to create a bag, a small piece of art.

Maestoso bags are small-scale masterpieces, born from the creative spirit of our designer and manufactured by highly skilled artisans with experience of three generations in leather goods, using age-old techniques.

What defines an Maestoso product has to be its unique approach to design and now we offer you the complementary monogramming service. You can carry your own personalized creation – distinctively unique to you or your loved ones.

The service allows you the chance to personalize your favorite Maestoso items. Most bags and small leather goods can be embossed with initials, words, dates or even short phrases to make your purchases truly personal and unique. It’s as easy as selecting ‘Add Complementary Monogramming’ on the product page of your chosen item and following the simple steps.


Monogramming comes in three versions: gold foil that matches beautifully our pale gold hardware details, matte silver or blind de-bossing for a more subtle effect.

Please note that snake effect or croc leather products can be monogrammed just with gold or silver foil.


Choose from letters of the latin alphabet (A-Z capital), numbers, full stop, ampersand (&) and a heart symbol (). The maximum number of characters that can be embossed is 8. The font used is displayed in the images on this page.


Once an item has been monogrammed we advise that the bag or small leather good will no longer be eligible for return or exchange.