The concept behind the Maestoso brand is a fusion of rigorous geometric design inspired from architecture and the timeless elegance of minimalist style. To emphasize the mastery of execution and innovative design, the brand name was inspired by the manner of execution of a musical passage, in a solemn and majestically way.

Embedded in our minimalist design philosophy, we pursue a subtle approach to luxury with a passion for the understated chic. Thereby, we get inspired by the clean lines of modern architecture. The sculptural design of each model, enriched by a profound love for details, using premium leathers and high-quality accessories, give life to special and distinguished products.

Getting a Maestoso item is not just about buying a bag or an accessory. It is about joining a lifestyle which cherishes quality and opposes mass-consumption.


We welcome you to Maestoso, we hope you like our collections and that you’ll join us on this journey of creativity, empowering women and giving back to nature.












I grew up with an instinctive appreciation of visual stimuli thanks to my parents love of design and craftmanship. Ever since I first thought of what I wanted to do in the future, I knew for sure that architecture will be my guidance. So I decided to follow 6 years of the University of Architecture and Urbanism in Bucharest, which formed and shaped my vision about design and arts.

I was always passionate about fashion and small design, because for an architect, imagination quickly becomes a creative tool and non-conformism, and the idea of me referring to the proportions of the human body attracted me a lot. I liked designing at small scale, whether it was about furniture, lighting, jewelry or clothes.

So, after finishing my degree in architecture in 2015, I decided to go on an entrepreneurial path, and create Maestoso • a brand with a minimalist sophistication approach.

I imagined it as a fusion of sharp lines inspired from architecture, and the timeless elegance of the minimalist style, formulating a fresh and forward-looking interpretation of luxury, where each design is defined by signature metal handles, produced with integrity and commited to our ethical conduct.

With love, 











What an incredibly elaborate and intricate process is to create a bag, a small piece of art. Maestoso bags are small-scale masterpieces, born from the creative spirit of our designer and manufactured by highly skilled artisans with experience of three generations in the leather goods, using age-old techniques.

In our quest to create fine handmade accessories we never compromise on quality. Our materials are sourced from the best suppliers in Italy and every production step is proudly made in the EU. That way we can ensure our partners have fair working conditions, a safe working environment and ethical production practices in compliance with environmental legislation.

We believe in craftsmanship and manufacturing in Europe where the techniques of producing luxury leather goods are deeply rooted. We believe in minimizing waste and curb over-production, by manufacturing our products in limited quantities, we can react better to what you like and ensure we don’t have excess stock left over.

In a world where fast fashion and cheap production is the norm, we want to treasure and support the artisanal processes that we believe luxury should stand for.