We believe in working with partners who we know well and trust, who have fair working conditions and a safe working environment. We believe in craftsmanship and producing in Europe where the techniques of producing luxury leather goods are deeply rooted. We believe in minimising waste, by producing in limited quantities, we can react better to what you like and ensure we don’t have excess stock left over.

By giving back and creating products with integrity, we want to create something we are proud of and that hopefully our customers would be proud of too.




We exclusively source the finest quality Italian leathers and European textiles to produce timeless products, designed to last. We searched high and low to find the right tanneries and establish close partnerships with prestigious family-run companies with many years of experience in this field. Each of our tanneries are in compliance to European directives in regards to health and safety at work, tannins and chemicals.

It is an honour for us to work with such dedicated and experienced partners who share the same values as us.





The main symbol of our brand and the centerpiece of each collection is the metal handle. Designed and executed specifically for our brand in Naples – Italy, is exclusively cut from solid brass, which is the staple material for luxury bags. 

Our partner manufactories from Italy are among the best in their field and supply many of the most sought-after fashion brands in the world.





In our quest to reduce plastic, we have introduced a complete recyclable packaging. All our tissue paper, outer cartons and enclosing customer notes are fully recyclable. We regularly review how we can improve their environmental properties by considering alternative materials.

By working close to our prestigious partners in Europe dedicated to discover sustainable alternatives to disposable plastic packaging, we are always aware of the newest ideas in the domain.

We dream of a global ecosystem where everything is put to a new use, and nothing is waste.