Bauhaus • Gold

Gold silk scarf

450 lei

Since the very beginning, our approach has been sculptural and inspired by architecture. We believe that mastering the simplicity of forms enables us to create timeless and enduring designs.

There are moments in history when a confluence of ideas, people, broader cultural and technological forces create a spark. Sometimes the spark amounts to nothing more than a flicker. But if conditions are right, it can erupt into a dazzling, brilliant light that, while burning for only a brief moment, changes the world around it.

The Bauhaus, the most influential art and design school in history, was one of these.

For this series of pure silk twill scarves handcrafted in Italy, we created a pattern with straightforward geometric simplicity, to bring our homage to this revolutionary movement which fused art, design and architecture.

The Maestoso scarf can be worn beautifully in so many ways. Tie her around the hair as chic head scarf, wrap it around your handbag handle or use it as a vibrant strap, and a gorgeous handkerchief style top. We love her for all the ways she adds that extra something special and elevates any outfit.


More information about our commitment to plant a tree for every purchase, can be found here.


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