Enso Mini • White

White leather bag

1.090 lei


A harmonious balance between geometry and sensuality, the Infinity Collection showcases distinctive silhouettes with gently voluminous curves, that have a statuesque gracefulness.

As the leather unfolds in a combination of forms with the arch in common, the handle adds a sense of drama to the organically shaped design. Used as a metaphor for the infinite and the eternal, with no beginning and no end, the circle represents the absolute purity. Timeless and gracefully.

The Enso Mini bag makes a strong statement, courtesy of its smooth, natural curves with an architectural expression, that impresses with its sculptural minimalism.

Designed in the coveted Palmellato pattern, the Italian leather gives the bag an exciting look and an appealing texture. Due to the special wax treatment of the Palmellato leather, the bag achieves a great level of durability and stain resistance. Expertly crafted by our skilled artisans, with beautifully detailed stitching and contrasting high-quality brass hardware, we adore its elegant shape.


More information about our commitment to plant a tree for every purchase, can be found here.


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