Genesis Necklace • Sterling Silver

Sterling silver necklace rhodium plated

590 lei

A necklace for holding a secret. A minimal pendant that opens and closes, designed to store a miniature memento.

Inspired by the Newborn ovoid sculpture of Constantin Brancusi, it is a metaphor for the moment of origin, as it exposes aspiration for authenticity and evokes the mystery of beginnings and the precariousness of life.

We felt it was the perfect symbol to also name our first jewelry collection, Genesis.

This design features our signature laser engraved logo and is handcrafted with a conscious approach in 925 recycled sterling silver and plated in rhodium, which gives it extra shine and durability. Rhodium is the most expensive metal on the planet, even more so than gold or platinum, and is extremely rare.


More information about our commitment to plant a tree for every purchase, can be found here.


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