Sphere Earrings • 18K Gold Vermeil

Sterling silver earrings 18k gold vermeil

390 lei

The Genesis Collection harmoniously merges art and precious materials, with emphasis on sculptural silhouettes.

The Sphere earrings are the epitome of balance between delicate and bold. Intuitively created to encapsulate the light at dusk, they feature a unique design. The piece can be gently moulded to fit your left ear and it finishes beautifully in three perfect spheres. To add bit of asymmetry, we created a single harmonious sphere for your right ear.

This design features our signature laser engraved logo and is handcrafted with a conscious approach in 925 recycled sterling silver and plated in 18k gold vermeil.

Vermeil is a benchmark of quality, an historical plating method developed by French artisans, which evolved with time into electroplating. This technique uses a layer of at least 2.5 microns of gold, which is five times thicker than average gold plating and much more durable.


More information about our commitment to plant a tree for every purchase, can be found here.


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