At Maestoso we acknowledge that our activities have a potential impact on the environment and therefore we have a duty to ensure we proactively manage all these impacts in a responsible and ethical manner.

We make a conscious effort to ease our environmental foot print, by sourcing sustainable materials, implementing ethical production practices and investing in styles that endure, which in turn helps to minimize waste and curb over-production. We carefully select our partners and materials from vigilant suppliers who share the same values as us.

In our quest to reduce plastic, we have introduced a complete recyclable packaging. All our tissue paper, outer cartons and enclosing customer notes are fully recyclable. We regularly review how we can improve their environmental properties by considering alternative materials.

By introducing the Lifestyle category which includes small leather goods, we aim to minimize wastage during the production stage, by re-using small pieces of leather in innovative ways, creating beautiful harnesses for dogs, mousepads or key-rings.

Our very identity is based on the philosophy of longevity and slowing fashion down: high quality, timeless designs and investment in ethical production practices.

To give back to nature, we launched in partnership with a non-profit organization focused on global reforestation, the ONE ORDER • ONE TREE permanent initiative that is very close to our heart, and pledge to plant one tree for every purchase on our site.

We are commited to coexist in harmony with nature, not suppressing it.